The Zaida Singers are dedicated to the preservation of Scandinavian vocal music. We are also a group of people who love to sing - and who love to have a good time.

The group's founder, Zaida Hansson-Binetti, comes from Härjedalen in the North of Sweden, a rural area close to the Norwegian border. Her background includes a deep appreciation for Swedish/Scandinavian folklore - in particular its musical side.
In America, she has been a focal point for the gathering of Scandinavians with similar interests, thus the Zaida Singers came to be. The group sings mostly Swedish folk songs, a capella in 4-part harmony. Sometimes, however, you may hear us perform international pieces, pieces written for men or women only, featuring drinking songs and even jazz or barbershop harmonies.
The Zaida Singers are the longest-surviving choir of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area, maybe because of the group's diverse repertoire.
If you are in the Bay Area, take a look at our performance schedule, and maybe we'll see you some day. And, oh, if you like to sing and love the Swedish musical tradition, maybe you would even like to join us!





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